Candy Corn Patterns

Fall  Pattern Set
Buy the Candy Corn Dishcloth Pattern and the Candy Corn Coaster Pattern as a set.

The combo pattern is for sale through Ravelry for $2.00. Click on the button below or on the right sidebar that says Buy Now.  You do not have to be a member of Ravelry to buy the pattern, but you have to use PayPal. (Edit: I believe this has changed, you are able to pay with debit or credit card now without a PayPal acct.)

The pdf download will be 4 pages as one download instead of two separate downloads (only for this Fall promotional offer)

The patterns give step by step instructions  to make these cute fall decorations to give as gifts or sell at charity or craft booths this fall.

Add these to a gift basket with some packages of Cider Mix, Hot Cocoa, a Mug, and throw in some candy corn candies (and some cute candy corn stitch markers).

Materials: 3 skeins cotton worsted yarn – white, yellow, and orange
sample shown in Sugar N Cream yarn
Needles: size 6 or 7
Size: Dishcloth – 8 to 10″ triangle shape
Coaster –  5″ triangle shape


So, What is it?…Answer

Yes ! Wow…only one response, but you are right!
The waitress said the pennies shining in the sun are suppose to keep the flies away….eeewww…I didn’t see any, so it must work!
Thanks Sallyanne, for responding – maybe everyone already know this – I have never seen this before

So…What Do You Think This Is?…

BagDoorNotice the plastic bag above the door?…

Recently, we stopped at our favorite, quaint, out-of-the-way Restaurant to have some fish-n-chips. We have been here many times, just never noticed the bag above the door.

BagIt is a plastic bag – half full of water – pennies inside – stapled to the door frame – hanging down over the door.


This is going out the door…you can see it hanging down.

So What is it ?…Guess

Leave your reply here and I will tell you in a few days.

I’ll tell you what the waitress told us . I thought it might be funny to read what people think it is there for.  (sorry the pictures are not clearer, but you get the idea..only had my cell phone with me.)



A Great Dog…J J

A Great Dog...J J

We will miss you J J . . .


Image  (Still trying to get this picture of scoreboard less fuzzy so we can see all those Bronco 0‘s )









Seahawks WIN…..Broncos LOSE

Highlights Video Here

Every Child Should Hear These Words…

“You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important. ”

This is a quote from the Movie “The Help”.


Endangered River