Car-based Sock Yarn

OK…this was (Summer of Socks) Kathy’s suggestion. “You totally need to create a car based sock! ”

I couldn’t stop thinking about what a good idea it was and what the sock would look like. So I HAD TO GO TO THE YARN STORE….darn 🙂

They had beautiful Koigu in the aqua color and the white $12.10 each.. and I would have needed 3 or 4 maybe

They had cute Cascade Fixation in the aqua color and the white $4.75 each…and I would have needed 4 maybe

Well, I went with the Cascade coz it is cotton and stretchy and I made some baby socks with it before and I liked it…and it’s cheaper. These socks will only be worn in the summer coz that’s the only time hubby will drive his car and cotton is better in the summer than wool.

So now, I need to think of a pattern. I have a few ideas drawn out on paper…kinda wacky. Check back for that…here is the yarn.

car sock yarn

hula car yarn


One response to “Car-based Sock Yarn

  1. brings back good memories!!

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