Car Sock Complete

Car Sock Completed. I ended up crocheting the “chrome” down the side.

car sock complete

car sock prechrome

Car Sock to match ’56 Chevy…this picture is before chrome added to side. You can see the ridge all along the blue sole edge where stitches were picked up like for a heel flap/gusset. It was like one big long flap. (I would suggest using the circular needles at this point, like the pattern says…I didn’t and had problems with stitches fallilng off one needle right at the top of the gusset) The pattern is from the Favorite Socks book – Resoleable socks. It’s a good one for doing different solid colors on the bottom and top of a sock. Cascade Fixation yarn – size 3 needles. I like the stretchy cotton. “Chrome” is metallic DMC E415. I’m sewing it on with the sock stretched coz the DMC doesn’t stretch. This was a fun project, but I’m anxious to get started on a toe up sock – my first time doing that.


4 responses to “Car Sock Complete

  1. You weren’t kidding, they match perfectly to the 56 Chevy! That is so cool looking. and very creative. Beautiful job!

  2. Great socks! You clearly know what you’re doing. I clearly don’t.

    I’m struggling with this pattern from the Interweave book, Favorite Socks. I seem to have ginormous holes at the gusset. My issue, I think is with the directions on P. 51. “Row1: Pick up and k 12 st along edge of heel flap”–so far so good. But his next puzzles me: ” sl last picked-up st to needle holding instep sts, ssk last heal st tog with first instep st, turn.”

    Does this translate as: Pick up 12 stitches along the heel. Knit 11 of them. Take the 12th st and ssk it with the first st on the instep needle. Put this st on that instep needle, so you only have 11 st on the gusset needle. Turn. The first st you’ll be working with will be st #11.

    I end up with several huge holes after repeating this a few times.

    Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks–I’ve frogged it so many times the yarn is fraying.

  3. Oh, I get it now! #12 gets knitted together with #1 from the instep and the resulting stitch goes on the “working” needle of the gusset. Then when the work is turned, this 12/1 stitch is slipped, before purling the next two together. That attaches the gusset to the sole and decreases 2 stitches.

    Clever! So clever I couldn’t figure it out until I did it wrong every other which way.

    I think the directions could have been written more clearly, but then, I’ve never done anything fancy in a sock before, so maybe it’s just me.

    Thanks for the offer of help. Very kind.

  4. It might help to pick them up thru their Outside loops or “knit thru the back” of the loops to tighten them up (just on the picking up process). I have this picture – it shows where you have to go down the heel flap sides (where the blue is..) to combine those to make a side of the heel process to where you can start to make the sole. You will be decreasing from where you are on the heel down to
    the toe area. For the holes maybe try picking up the whole stictch that looks like a “V”..?? I used kinda stretchy big yarn, so didn’t get many. But I think you are on the right track – my notes say, ” RS sl first st K wyb” “WS sl p wyf”
    Well, I see on the blog you got it!…Great, it is a very clever pattern – it gets even better!…let me know if you need more help, I’ll try to be faster at responding (snow is coming and had to get some errands done). So glad you got it.

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