Candy Corn Shadow Dishcloth

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From the top it looks like stripes and ridges…


From the sides – you get a magic picture of Halloween Candy Corn….all you do is knit and purl!

CCside     CCSido    CCsideU

For the Knit Along Group the link for free pattern is here

The person that made the pattern has a link here for free pattern . Thanks Rhonda!


One response to “Candy Corn Shadow Dishcloth

  1. Technique: Shadow Knittingfrom Lime & Violet’s Daily Chum by leesy
    We brought you a review of Vivian Hoxbro’s Shadow Knitting a little while back. Our very own reader L. of tezsocks took it to heart and decided to get seasonal with the technique, creating candy corn:

    Read all about it here.

    Yes, we had a photo of sheep cupcakes a few days ago, and some knitted cakes before that….I think I’m starting to gain weight just writing around here.

    So what have you done with what you’ve read here lately?

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