Sock Monkey Baby Socks

                               For My Grandson


Don’t these remind you of the stuffed monkey toys made out of socks?  So fun to make!

Cascade Fixation – Grey, red and white. Size 3 DPNs.

Sensational Knitted Socks Book – page 29.

SNS Book

His little foot measures 3″ – these came out to be 4″. He is growing so fast, he’ll be able to wear them very soon.

Sock Monkey2

The yarn is kind of thick and not very fluffy soft for a baby, but it is thick, warm, stretchy cotton. I like the elastic for baby socks – it seems to keep them on a little better.


7 responses to “Sock Monkey Baby Socks

  1. I LOVE those socks. I am a little jealous. I learned how to make slipper socks last winter, but haven’t made a pair since and have forgotten how to do them already. I so want to make some fancy looking socks, I love the snowflake ones you have on the blog too, awesome.

  2. Such adorable socks – must make some!

  3. Came over from the SAM4 and wanted to comment on how adorable those socks are!!!! I love the color combo, yes just like a sock monkey, but these are DEFINITELY cuter!!! And when a baby’s foot is only 3″, its always good to go up because you know how fast those little toes grow!!
    Great job!!

  4. Even if they aren’t too soft for baby, those are very cute socks!

  5. Those socks are adorable! I still have my sock monkey from childhood. 🙂

  6. OMG I really wish I knew how to Knit, I have been serching and serching for baby sock monkey socks. You can make a lot of money selling these! I am envious, well I guess the serch continues!

  7. Those are sooo cute!

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