Baby Blue Hat and Blankie

This will be a baby gift for some former neighbors that had a baby boy in September. First hat for me…I made it to small, so it will go to charity (for newborns at the hospital). I will make another one –
–  just have to wait until after Thanksgiving, coz we are having lots of people over.  Yikes…I should be cooking! Actually, I can hardly walk coz I cleaned the wood floors and got carried away and steam cleaned the rugs. I was like a wild cleaning maniac! I even dusted!

I made a Blue Blankie also. I love it – it’s so soft. I’ve got to get it wrapped and mailed. I also bought a squeeky ball to put in the package. JJ and NellieThey had a golden lab named Nellie (we called her NellieBell), that played with our dog JJ. They got along so well and had lots of fun chasing the ball together. We miss them.

If you are a Ravelry person, stop by and check out the group “LabAdores” . Adee and I started a group for Lab Lovers.
BlBlEdge       BlBl

The yarn is Plymouth Encore – LOVE IT for baby items, washes good and easy to knit – soft/fluffy.

Pattern is very easy “Easy Eyelet Blanket” from the book “Knitting for Baby” by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas 


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