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blog site update

I got a new computer for Christmas…YEA!!…I am in the process of switching folders and updating info. If there are some missing pictures, it’s only temporary – check back in a few days. I had the flu for awhile, and now a cold, so some things will just have to wait. That flu going around is awful. Whoever you are reading this – I hope you don’t get it.

Happy New Year!!


Dancing Elves

(Note:   the dancing elves are gone for this year)


You have to try this…it’s fun the first few times. You put pictures of yourself in a dancing elf skit. Really cute. Go ahead, try it!…

Here’s mine…

Four Red Morning Mitts

My hands hurt and I can’t stop knitting. I finished Four Mitts (two pair) Red Berroco Ultra Alpaca. So Soft. Nice yarn to knit with. These will be gifts for some friends – I am seeing them tomorrow and will wrap them up pretty and give both of them their gifts a little early.


This is the first year I’ve actually knit some gifts – not as many as I wanted to. I’m a little discouraged and tired. I wanted to do so much more. I will definately start earlier next year. You seasoned knitters out there already know this. I don’t knit real fast and I guess my imagination runs faster than my fingers.

Diagonal Blue Baby Blanket II

For my Grandson – free pattern here

Yarn – Encore     Needle size 10 (24″ circular)

blue Blankie

2 blue