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Toe – Rockin Magic Dragon Sock

Ready to start the toe. This is a first for the short row heel and the star toe for me.

Short row heel done – I had to zip it back 3 times….I put a “LifeLine” in (see closeup photo below) before I started the heel. I am so glad I did. Instead of dinkin back stitch by stitch….you just zip it —unravel to the lifeline…put needles back on and go. 3 times. yepp…
LifeLine inserted before starting heel


SSK Needle fatalities – 2 and counting…


Finished Silky Wool Shawl

I finally finished the wrap !!

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

The pattern is Mac & Me Silky Wool Wrap

I love ruffles. This is a very light and feminine shawl. It takes forever to do the ribbing for the length, and then the ruffles are added to each end. My ruffles are a little smaller than the pattern – I was running out of yarn.

 I did get to wear it to the party last night….today I am recuperating.

L O V E in Seattle

Happy Valentines Day!! 
Boogie Socks,Boogie Socks

WaMu delivered a special message to Seattleites in the form of a 293-foot Valentine that spells out L-O-V-E.


WaMu Center employees strategically closed window blinds to create the image. The L-O-V-E message will remain in place through Valentine’s Day. (Photo: Business Wire)

Rockin Magic Dragon Socks

This is my first sock for the Rockin Sock Club 2008. It is designed by Adrienne Fong, called Serendipity. STR yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts is called Dragon Dance. Inside the label is a picture of a dragon and the word “ZU”…
Sometimes Magic happens.
Photobucket I broke a needle!

I frogged the first sock – it was pooling instead of striping. I kept going – thinking, “I like the pooling, it sorta looks like flames here and there spiraling around the sock”….but, alas…I wanted the yarn to do it’s magic stripes…so I ripped.
I’m glad I did. It’s always fun seeing the stripes appear. I really like the design of the pattern – it’s very well written.

I’m using a size 1 needle. Making a size medium instead of large. The first one I ripped was a large and fit too big and was pooling.

Hearts Dishcloth for Valentine’s Day

This dishcloth is called Be My Dishcloth. It is a free pattern designed by Kristen. Click HERE to get the pattern.

heartMore free patterns for Valentine’s Day (Heart/Love) are listed HERE

Yarn Shop Locator

Need to find a Yarn Shop?     

Check out               


Where Ever You Are….Or Are Going To Visit…You Can Find A Yarn Shop

They also have instructions on how to install on your iPhone.

Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth

This was a handout from a craft store. I have no idea where I got it – found it in a bunch of my crafty papers I was going through.  I have had it a LONG time – and no name on it….so I will copy it here. Free pattern. It was free for me and looks like it’s been around a long time!
I think it would look better in a solid color.   View Solid Color Here

Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth



1 ball of Sugar & Cream yarn

Size 10 Knitting Needles


     Cast on 4 sts

     Row 1:  Knit

     Row 2:  K2, YO, K to End

     Repeat Row 2 until there are 36 sts on needle

     Next 15 rows:  K2, YO, K2tog, K to end

     Next row:  K2, YO, (K2tog) twice, K10, K2tog; place remaining 18 sts on holder

     Next row:  K2, YO, (K2tog), twice, K to end

     Repeat last row until 9 sts remain

     Last row:  K2tog twice, K1, K2tog twice

     Bind off remaining 5 sts

     Place 18 sts from holder onto needle.  Tie on yarn and finish in the same manner as the other side.

     Weave in ends.

Details explaining pattern – please click here
This pattern is for your use only. Please do not copy it to another web site or distribute it.