Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth

This was a handout from a craft store. I have no idea where I got it – found it in a bunch of my crafty papers I was going through.  I have had it a LONG time – and no name on it….so I will copy it here. Free pattern. It was free for me and looks like it’s been around a long time!
I think it would look better in a solid color.   View Solid Color Here

Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth



1 ball of Sugar & Cream yarn

Size 10 Knitting Needles


     Cast on 4 sts

     Row 1:  Knit

     Row 2:  K2, YO, K to End

     Repeat Row 2 until there are 36 sts on needle

     Next 15 rows:  K2, YO, K2tog, K to end

     Next row:  K2, YO, (K2tog) twice, K10, K2tog; place remaining 18 sts on holder

     Next row:  K2, YO, (K2tog), twice, K to end

     Repeat last row until 9 sts remain

     Last row:  K2tog twice, K1, K2tog twice

     Bind off remaining 5 sts

     Place 18 sts from holder onto needle.  Tie on yarn and finish in the same manner as the other side.

     Weave in ends.

Details explaining pattern – please click here
This pattern is for your use only. Please do not copy it to another web site or distribute it.



28 responses to “Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth

  1. I believe that there is a problem with the row after the 15 decreasing rows?? There aren’t enough stiches to have 18 stitches left to move off the needle. Is there something I am missing?

    Note from Tezsocks:
    Details explaining pattern – please go here

  2. A fast, easy pattern. I knitted 2 together twice at the end of the row to get 18 stitches on the left needle. The right needle had 17 stitches. It worked.

  3. I have just knitted up this pattern,got here through firefly cottage.It looks great I used smaller kneedles to get a smallercloth.Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks for sharing this pattern! I made a whole batch of these & paired them with some handmade soaps from Etsy to give “Sweet Spa” valentines to family & friends this year. 🙂

    I used the called for needles size – since they are a looser knit they are definitely face cloths instead of dishcloths. So quick & easy – I see more of these in the future!

  5. I love this pattern!

  6. I question the size 10 needle.if I use sugar and cream I do not use any needle large than 7

    • Eileen: I agree!…this pattern is not mine to change…I just copied a vintage pattern word for word. It makes a very loose soft cloth instead of a stiff close-knit cloth. It is totally up to the knitter to use a different size needle, I have noticed alot of people use a size 9 on down to a 7 as you and I like to do. It will just make a different feel and size heart and totally OK.

  7. Thank you so much for the pattern! I will be making this soon!

  8. “Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth | Boogie Socks” ended up being a relatively great article, .
    I hope you keep creating and I’m going to continue to keep viewing! Thanks a lot -Tilly

    • Thank you so much for the nice comments. You made my day! So glad it turned out successful for you. I do have a few things almost ready … On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 1:13 AM, Boogie Socks

  9. I made this tonight using Bernat handicraft cotton (in their breast cancer promo pink) I used a size 3 needle and increased stitches across to 40 — when I got to decreases I changed instructions to k2, YO, k2tog, k2, k2tog, knit across to decrease one stitch each row until 9 stitches remain. If I include YO both times there is no decrease in row.
    Found pattern through Pinterest and am using pattern along with some other heart related patterns for a gift bag for a women’s brunch we do in June. I will have my contribution done in plenty of time this year!

    Thanks for the pattern!

  10. You just do the K2tog twice…so K2, YO, K2tog, K2tog, knit to end .
    Since you had more stitches (40 instead of 36 ), you may need to stop at 11.
    another explanation here
    sounds like your gift bag will be filled with lovely things…here are some more ideas

    hope this helped ….let me know if you need more help!

    • I was re-reading the pattern this morning and saw where I did the k2tog twice not the k2, yo, k2tog! Thanks! (the hazards of working on something late at night ;-D) Actually, it worked well taking it down to nine stitches, and I liked the tightness of the fabric on size 3s, but may work the next one on size 4s.
      This works up very quickly (probably more quickly when I’m not half asleep!) Thanks for your response.

  11. It’s difficult to find educated people about this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  12. “Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth | Boogie Socks”
    scotchandcode really causes me personally contemplate a small bit
    extra. I personally treasured each and every single section of it.
    Many thanks -Osvaldo

  13. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more right here regularly. I am fairly sure I will be told lots of new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!

  14. I have made many of these
    I am a beginner but found these instructions easy
    I made a mistake one night not paying attention while doing couple things at the same time
    anyways I only did one of the 15 rows and had the perfect results of a smaller heart shaped cloth
    now I have people asking for them more then the bigger ones

  15. I can’t seem to get the tops of the heart into a round shape when I bind off.The top looks rather square.

    • Elsie, so sorry you are having trouble….Maybe try a few ideas I had…make sure you bind off really lose. Or try doing another row (after you end with 5 stitches …before you bind off) do another decrease row to end with 3 stitches …then bind off very loosely. Try that…let me know if it works.

  16. Found your pattern through Pintrest can not stop making them lol! I also add 40sts and put 20sts on stitch holder, decrease to three stitches. I’m using Bernat Handicrafter cotton on 4.5 mm. Made some on my Mothers old metal knitting needles size 10 came out like little coasters or face cloths. My granddaughters like the little ones. Thanks for the pattern.

  17. I tried making this and failed(:

  18. Hi. I used your pattern but I used smaller knitting needles for a tighter knit. How would I
    Increase the size overall? I used size 7 needles. I’m a very simple pattern knitter. Thank you for your time. I really liked the pattern.

    Rebecca Roth

    • Hi Rebecca: I haven’t tried it on smaller needles…I’m always using the thick worsted wt yarn . If I did use thinner yarn and smaller needles, I would go about it like this: please keep in mind…I am guesstimating here: I would still CO 3 sts to get a nice point on the top, then increase every other side like in the pattern…only you would knit a few more rows than what is in the pattern. You would have to eyeball it. if you are changing colors. Depending on the size you want to end up with, you would have to do more rows and more increases/decreases as per the pattern. The # at the end of the rows would be different (more). I don’t know what yarn you are using or how big you want it, but it shouldn’t be hard. If it gets too big , rip it out or frog back a little ?? Hope this helps – a little at least. Linda

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