Rockin Magic Dragon Socks…Fini

Man – O – man….I had a hard time doing the short row heels. I did the first sock heel 3 times and the second sock heel 4 times. There are so many different tutorials out there and all just a tiny bit different techniques. If anyone reading this knows of a good short row heels instructions, please leave a comment. Mine turned out OK, but one side on both of them seemed a little rough and holey looking. Reading the comments at the Rockin Sock site, seems like others had the same problem.
Needle fatality count = 4 dead needles  (no more bamboo small size DPN’s)
I’m done and I love them!…I really like the stripes and the bright color. I would like to do this pattern in a semi-solid color yarn and a regular gusset heel.

Can’t wait to get the next shipment for the Rockin Sock Club.


3 responses to “Rockin Magic Dragon Socks…Fini

  1. Love the way your socks turned out! Your stipping was very uniform. Mine decided to pool using size2. Very gorgeous!

  2. your “serendipity’s” came out perfect! it even looks like the stripes match up really close.

    short row heels are a pain and from what i understand, they get better with practice. unfortunately, i don’t “practice”.

    let me know when you do up another pair. i would be interested to see what the pattern looks like in another yarn.

    also happy to hear that you enjoyed the pattern and the yarn.

  3. My socks didn’t pattern like yours. Yours look great! I have done many sock heels like this and actually like them. I will NEVER use small circumference bamboo again. They are bent just about in a U-turn shape!

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