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Spumoni Serendipity Socks

Summer Socks…
Serendipity Sock2  SpumoniSocks 
Looks like Spumoni Ice Cream doesn’t it?  I wanted some lighter colored socks for summer and these are perfect – Plymouth Sockotta – Wool/Cotton/Nylon blend – light and cool for warm weather.

Pattern is the Serendipity Socks by Adrienne Fong. It was the first sock pattern for the Rockin Sock Club 2008 – and I loved it so much I had to make another pair. Size medium on size 1 needles.



Snow in April

Well Shoot!…It’s snowing in April. The Seattle area just set a record for snow in April. The last record was set on April 17, 1972. I remember that day…my husband was home on R&R from the military and he was out having a snow ball fight with the neighbor kids. IN APRIL. It is coming down so heavy right now the DirecTV can’t find a satellite signal. Here’s a picture…


Done with Lucky

Here is my Lucky Socks – used size 2 needles on the top part and size 1 on the foot area. The heel is very interesting and I liked the left/right toes option. I like trying new things and I love this yarn. Can’t wait to see what arrives next for the Rockin Sock Club.