Wake Up! – – Snowflake Sock

Well, I started this WAAAYYY last October and didn’t know how to do two color knitting…so I got as far as the cuff.

At our last knitting group, Betts (a fabulous designer and knitter extraordinaire!) showed us all how to do two color knitting. She was videotaped and will be on YouTube soon.(?) I’ll post a link on this blog.  I now feel I have gotten the BEST instructions there could ever be – so we’ll see if I can finish these some time this year.

This is what I have done so far in two days of occasional knitting.  One nice day out on the deck, and the next day while babysitting my grandson (while he was sleeping).  It’s fun! I love it!
 Chrissy Gardiner’s SnowFlake Sock – Interweave Knits, Fall 2007.  Chrissy has added a tutorial on her blog site – thank you- thank you!

To see Chrissy’s great pictures and added instructions CLICK HERE             

Lorna’s Laces – green and white             Size 2 needles(changed to 3)         Size Large (added side rows – see her blog)

Note:…added June 21….OK I ripped it back to the cuff and started again with size 3 needles. The gauge was wrong and knitting up too small. Drat

Note again:  added June 25….I totally ripped it back *!# The cuff was too small should have ripped all the way on June 21 right?   *!# and if you add the stripes on the side to make it bigger, when you get to the heel flap, two of the stripes stop abruptly and don’t continue along the side of the foot like in the picture. *!#   Next time ? maybe I’ll do those extra”stripes” in the background color that will match the heel…or do a two color eye of the partridge heel, so I can continue the stripes. Right now I’m too busy to fuddle around with this…I’ll do it later…Instead of the Wake Up sock…it’s DEAD!!!

Added Note: June 30…After thinking about this, I really had alot of fun learning how to do two color knitting – it really doesn’t matter that it only went as far as the heel – I’m excited to know how to do two hand color knitting and I will retry this pattern now that I know the needle size and the side stripe alteration. Later…SnowFlake Sock! dun dun dunnnn


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