Monthly Archives: July 2008

Dusky Bethuen Shawl Done

I finished the Bethuen Shawl (Oceanwinds Knits pattern). Still LOVE this pattern and will make another one when I find some yarn that will make more stripes and change colors. I like this Dream In Color yarn for vague changes – altho the second skein was so different in color, it had more browns in it (you can see in the picture the bottom edges are a little different. It’s dipped in chocolate!….or….I planned it that way ;)…the pattern has stripes anyway, right?…I just had a little yarn left, probably not enough to do another set of rows.

Notes: bottom of page 1, start doing 12 rows (12 plus 2 eyelet = 14) instead of 20. no yo’s on WS rows, none on second section of shawl



Summer Neighborhood Pets

Lovely weather – finally! I took a few shots of some pets outdoors in the neighborhood.
Kitty in the middle of the freshly mowed field next to our house. What is she thinking? She sat there right smack in the middle for so long!
chooChoo and JJ
Our dog, JJ, and the neighbors new puppy, ChooChoo

Star Spangled Quilt

Happy Fourth of July!

I’ve made alot of flannel quilts, but this is my favorite.

…picture is a little dark…today is thunder and lightning storms…pouring rain, even hail.