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Ravelympics Events Page

Click the icon above to see my Ravelympics Page. I’ll add to that when I finish projects…I got some medals for my mittens and purse…I even had the fans throwing chocolate bars at me at one point.

Update for Team Seattle: 

Well sadly Ravelympics must come to an end. Team Seattle did an awesome job and got so much accomplished from socks, sweaters and shawls to kittens, purses and gloves everyone can take a well deserved rest and get ready for the next big project to come their way.

First Across the Line was: Figbread competing in the Handspun Heptathalon with a modified Calorimetry
Gold Medal Winners: Nemonstitches and tezsocks with 4 projects each!!!


Balloon Morning

Good Morning!… I was out really early this morning, changing the sprinkler…and I heard, “PPppPPSSssPPPPPP” really LOUD.

Look what was straight up above me. I ran in and got my camera and got a few shots of this…

WIP Felted Purse Done

Whew!….90 Degree day and I’m felting a purse!

 This is for Team Seattle and Team Wii Fit

WIP Wrestling    –     BagToteBackstroke      –     FeltedFreestyle  


Beijing-geline Mitts Done


Helicopter Ride

Zack, our 16 year old GrandSon, got a Helicopter Ride on Sunday. I packed some sandwiches, and we all sat and watched the SkyDivers and AirPlanes.  He wasn’t scared at all – had a great time! The weather was looking a little threatening, so Grandma was a little nervous.













 We can see the airport from our house and when he comes to visit he watches the skydivers, planes, helicopter, hot air balloons. So we thought, what a great experience for him to get to ride in one. The pilot let him try to hover and let him steer it a little. They do that at the end of the ride off from the airport by Highway 9. I have always wondered why they were just hovering there and going up and down. Now I know…

The sky divers were yelling and screaming coming down right above us. Not in a fearful way, but probably excited and happy their shoot opened.

Day 5 progress

Wow, thanks for all the words of encouragement!…great~








Ravelympics Event Projects

Well, I am off to the games in slow motion. Opening day, I had to go to a funeral. My dear aunt Edna died – I am still feeling a little sad and depressed – just can’t get into a mindset of enjoying a “game of knitting”.  Waaayyy to much going on this weekend to get any knitting done. Today will be good day to regroup.

Day 1 Progress:

WIPWrestling – Work In Progress Felted Purse = Race hasn’t started yet

My project is the one on the cover of this book…




looks like this…

Just need to attach strap and felt it!




scarf day1







Rivolo-ympics Scarf – ScarfStroke = swatched, will be using size 7 needles. 2 repeats done

(Above) The pattern is called Rivolo by Anne Hanson. Fearless Fibers yarn – color Serenity

Beijing-geline Mitts – MittenMedley = swatched, will be using size 7 DPNs. Ribbing done will start cables tonight


(Above) pattern is called Evangeline Mitts – yarn is Ultra Alpaca

Winning Wisteria Scarf – ScarfStroke = swatched, frogged twice, will be using size 8 single needles. May need to rework this pattern or switch to a different project, colors not flowing to well.

(Above) pattern is Wisteria Scarf – yarn is Ultra Alpaca (plain) and Noro Kureyon.