Which One?…

What to start next?     What yarn to use?     Gauge?     Needle Size?

Being a self taught knitter, I have a great amount of angst when starting a new project. I started a cardigan – ripped it out. Didn’t feel right.

Hesitant – undecided – cautious.


….geez Just do it!….  No wonder it takes me forever to do anything!

OK…I started a scarf instead. It’s on my long list of projects to start.

Hesitant again.

Started and ripped out twice…which size needles?

Tried out sizes 7, 8 and 9 on gauge swatches.


Size 8 needle on top….Size 9 needle on bottom

Top swatch seems stiff and maybe too tight. I want a flowy, soft, yummy scarf.


Let’s go with the 9 needles
Pink    Ahhhh, Yes!

Palindrome Reversible Cable Scarf – by Kristin Bellehumeur    

 FREE Pattern

Yarn: Debbie Bliss – Rialto   DK weight   color- Hyacinth

(yarn is sproingy and very soft, a little fuzzy splitty every once in awhile)

Needles: size 9

This is a fun pattern and easy to memorize the sequence of stitches.

I am doing an 8 stitch repeat instead of the 6 in the pattern. I think the cables relax a little more with more space in between. I cast on 52 stitches to add another cable for a bit wider scarf (4 1/2 inches is not very wide, but someone may want a thin scarf…) Also changed the edge stitches…see tutorial here.

I made so many decisions and changes – my head hurts – I need to go lay down! LOL 😉

JJ is so bored – he found a spot of sunlight to lay in while I took pictures for this post.



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