Candy Corn Coaster

This is my first attempt at writing a pattern. I am offering it here as a FREE download (PDF form).  (EDIT: this is no longer available as a free download)

I hope you like it!…They are so quick to make. I whipped out 4 one evening while watching TV. Let me know what you think!.
mug rugs


Article on Copyright info   here

Click here for PDF downloadCandy Corn Coaster


18 responses to “Candy Corn Coaster

  1. How cute is this….Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks so much. Just in time for the Halloween parties too.

  3. I am having trouble with this around line 33. What exactly am I supposed to do so that my 20 stitches becomes 29? I am not understanding.

    • Hi Rebecca: I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Hope this helps… On the row 32 you have 20 sts on your needle — Next row you will be inserting a YarnOver between every 2 stitches, thus adding stitches to your needle (29). On the next row you will knit these YOs and they will become the eyelet border holes that are like along the sides. Like this: Line 32: I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I (20) Line 33: I I Y I I Y I I Y I I Y I I Y I I Y I I Y I I Y I I Y I I (29) Line 34: I I I ___ I ___ I ___ I ___ I ___ I ___ I ___ I ___ I I I (21) (above)Line 34: You will be K2 then Knit the YO and K2tog ____ (that shows the K2tog) geeezzz I’m cross eyed now! I hope that helps! With the YOs you are adding stitches on one line then the next line you are making little holes out of them . I tried getting the Ys where they are suppose to be above …I hope sending it doesn’t mess it up. Let me know if this helps – I can help you more if you need it! It really does work – I know you can do it! Linda

  4. I am having the same problem as Rebecca. For some reason I end up with 28 stitches on row 33 which then throws the next row off. I tried going by your above details (which you went to so much work for us and thank you) and I still end up with 28. I am so sorry to be a brainless knitter and I see you made them just fine. So I am going to try again to see what I am doing wrong. I did make the large one and it was perfect. So it’s just me. Thanks for being so understanding.

    • I’m so sorry you and Rebecca are having trouble with this little coaster! are so close to being done, right at the end there. Let’s see…make sure you have 20 sts before you go on to that next adding YO row. make sure you do Knit 2 at start and end. Sometimes if you write it out on paper like I did, it makes it more visual and to help counting where the stitches are suppose to be. Try again. Once you get it you will be making lots of these. Let me know.

      • Thanks for your time and help. I am going to try it again and double check every stitch. lol. I’m not doubting you please know this, but I am really doubting myself. I had 20 sts on so it has to be in the next row I am doing something wrong. It is such a cute idea and the pattern is so easy, so here goes. I will let you know how I did…Again, Thank you so much

  5. I just wanted to tell you I finally did it correct. I either need to go back to school and learn to count or I didn’t do the right amount of YO’s. But I had peace and quiet and did it right. It was so strange that Rebecca had the same problem at the same place. I am so sorry for bothering you about this. Yea, I did it!!! Susie

    • Hooorrrraaayyy!! I’m so glad – now you can make more!…It’s in a spot where everything changes, so mistakes can happen there. Thanks for letting me know. Linda

  6. Thanks for a fun little pattern. Quick and cute!

  7. I am having trouble downloading the pattern for the candy corn coasters. i am very interested in the pattern and would like to make them. if you could send me the pattern i would so appreciate it. thank you

  8. I am so glad I found your pattern on Ravelry. I am knitting little burial outfits to be used in the hospital I work at. The pattern I just love is Knit Angel Wrap. But the wings have a wrong line in the instructions and I cannot find anyone who has the correct info for it. I found your pattern and if done in white through out will look like a wing when attached!!!
    So excited!!!!


    • Debbie Bless you for the work you do. I’m so glad my pattern can be used in such a way. About a year and a half ago our daughter was 5 months pregnant with twin boys and tragically lost both of them. We are still feeling a great lose – I haven’t been able to get back into blogging or knitting since this happened. I’m so glad you left a comment. it made me feel good ….made my day! Linda

  9. Linda, I am so sorry about your loss.
    I am now making a little boy outfit and I will be thinking of you while I make it.
    I will have to get my camera charged up and take a pic of the outfit. I will try to see if I can send the pic to you. Because of you I can complete these.
    And to let you know that the “wings” turned out to have the same edging as the wrap!!!!!!
    Thanks again for your help

  10. Linda,
    The candy corn coaster is very cute. I see at the end of the pattern, it says “personal use only.” Our church has an annual bazaar with all proceeds to charitable organizations. Would we have your permission to use your pattern for this?

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