Apres Thanksgiving

Turkey Sandwiches

Cranberry Sauce

Apple Cider (hot of course)

Gravy   –   Pumpkin Pie   –   Green Bean Casserole   –   Mashed Potatoes

We had them all…we went to the BEACH for Thanksgiving! It was amazingly lovely weather for the month of November on the Washington coast. This picture is the view from our campsite at sunset. Look at that…what more could you ask for.


I cooked the turkey at home, before we left, and brought most of the fixins.

I got some knitting done, and my husband read his book. It was nice, very different for us. Usually I am slaving away cooking for lots of people and totally exhausted.

When we got home I had my packages waiting for me…got the Blue Moon Rockin Sock Club package (last one for this year)…got the Loopy Ewe order of the latest yarn I can’t live without…got the order from Elann…patterns and scarf yarn for Christmas gifts. Now I have to get busy and Knit some stuff!


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