Cassidy Sweater update

These are my Notes for my Cassidy Sweater started WAAAAY back in September…you know I’m slow….oh, well. I’m really not liking the seaming but I’m plugging away a little each night.

Sept. 20 – New to knitting sweaters – I have started a few…determined to get over my fears of knitting a sweater. I think it’s the seaming that I’ve never done before. I’m looking forward to someday actually finishing a sweater!
Sept. 25 – got stuck on the back ribbing where the decreases start. I believe it is the second decrease row – the decrease makes the purl become a knit and it messes up the row of purls for the ribbing. It’s OK..the ribbing stops as you decrease and then starts again as you increase
Oct 18 – I finished the back on Friday…finally! I kept the last BO neck stitches on a stitch holder, so they’ll be ready to go when I get ready to finish the neck edge
Nov 1 – I’m still working on the fronts (back is done). I missed a cable about an inch down, tried to fix it, no luck and had to frog back. What happened there?. I need to pay more attention and maybe try color coding. I do have the orange sticky note on the right front chart and a green sticky note on the left front chart, so I don’t mix up the charts. I work a little on each one.
Nov 19 – mistake on sleeve (arrow picture) is it really noticable? it’s like 6” up from the cuff and the whole sleeve is done. I’m bummed.
The pic with the two sleeves there is a lifeline on the finished sleeve just before the sleeve cap decreases, the instructions looked scarey, so I could rip back if need be. I think that first sleeve is cursed, I ended up with 17 stitches instead of 21.
Dec. fixed the sleeve cap error but not the missed cable at cuff – I will learn to live with it – no one is perfect, it’s very hard to tell unless you know it’s there. (shhhh…)
Jan 09 – I took a class on finishing techniques – learned alot of useful info.
I have it all blocked now, ready to sew seams. Need to take a buttonhole class now…there is so much I don’t know and it’s so fun to learn new things. I’m not in a big rush to get this done, just hope it’s before the cold weather is over, but here in Seattle, some days you need a sweater, even in summer. (a procrastinator statement)


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