Tulips are a bloomin’. . .

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is in full bloom. . . extended to May 3.

We went with some friends to check out the Tulips near Mt. Vernon. They are blooming a little late this year because of the cold weather. A few pictures…
















We went to a nearby quaint town of LaConnor to have dinner at our favorite fish n chips place. A pint o Guinness and some fish and chips.

Sign in the restaurant above the door.


Outside near the restaurant was this statue of a dog with a sweater on – so cute – I had to take a picture for some fellow knitters that would maybe enjoy it. The little plaque by the base is a picture of a dog that is passed on – get this – his name was “Dirty Biter”

dsc00927  dsc00931

the little tag says, “I’m cold – Do Not Remove”





Tulips are a big deal around here.

Dirty Biter
Dirty Biter

 dsc00938   dsc00935

…And Turkeys wandering around the streets ! !… 



We Had A Good Time.


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