Monthly Archives: February 2012

Great Stats! What’s Going On?

Hi All and welcome to my blog.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how many hits my blog got on Feb. 5 and Feb. 6. Yowza!

Someone added my link to knitting paradise site. Thanks.

5,942 hits and 11,494 clicks on Feb. 6…..

I have been adding free patterns to my blog for 5 years now. Whenever I see a free pattern that is exceptional…I add it to my list …right up there at the top tab “Patterns”.  I get between 60 to 300 hits most days . . . but this was Great!!

Thanks for looking – I Love It!

I do need to check some of the links, I do that occasionally, but haven’t for the last year. We had a horrible family tragedy that left us all in alot of pain. This happened after I lost my Dad (my daughter lost her twin boys), so it was devastating. It takes awhile to get over this and I hope you will be patient – I haven’t been able to concentrate on knitting like I use to – and to blog something just seems unimportant .

I got so happy when I saw how many people were visiting my little blog.