So…What Do You Think This Is?…

BagDoorNotice the plastic bag above the door?…

Recently, we stopped at our favorite, quaint, out-of-the-way Restaurant to have some fish-n-chips. We have been here many times, just never noticed the bag above the door.

BagIt is a plastic bag – half full of water – pennies inside – stapled to the door frame – hanging down over the door.


This is going out the door…you can see it hanging down.

So What is it ?…Guess

Leave your reply here and I will tell you in a few days.

I’ll tell you what the waitress told us . I thought it might be funny to read what people think it is there for.  (sorry the pictures are not clearer, but you get the idea..only had my cell phone with me.)



2 responses to “So…What Do You Think This Is?…

  1. It is supposed to keep flies away.

  2. Yes ! Wow…only one response, but you are right!
    The waitress said the pennies shining in the sun are suppose to keep the flies away….eeewww…I didn’t see any, so it must work!
    Thanks Sallyanne, for responding – maybe everyone already know this – I have never seen this before

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