These links are to sites that teach sock knitting and other techniques.   knit smiley

Standard Yarn Weights Chart yarn sizes and needles recommendations

Yarn Thickness and Counts – the thickness sizes of yarns, along with further explanation of the sizes and how yarns are typed so you can better match your patterns and make interchanging yarns much easier.

List of MANY Tutorials – KnitPicks site…excellent amount to choose from

Understanding Knitting Patterns & Techniques – large amount of info about pattern and knitting help.

Flying Saucer /Fliegende Untertasse– Use this short video to help you quickly and efficiently unwind the Schoppel Wolle Flying Saucer.

How to Block your Dishcloths – great instructions by Rachel

CHUMTorial 01 – Series 001 – Sock It To Me Baby! – Lime & Violets Beginner Sock Tutorial – Great!!

ChumTorial 02 – Series 002 – Let’s Run the Gusset – Lime & Violets Beginner Sock Tutorial – 55 pictures on heels!!

CHUMTorial 03 – Series 003 – Let’s toe this up! – Lime & Violets Beginner Sock Tutorial – finishing with the toes !

Knitters Review     Knitter’s Review

  tutorial silver    Silver’s Sock class

 Toes & Heels (and more..)  This site was a Summer of Socks link winner, but seems to be temporarily “closed” for now (?)… will check it out….

Tech Knitting

Sheep Thrills Tips

Knitting Help – free demo videos

Socks 101 from Knitty

How My Grandmother Knitted Socks

Garter Stitch Heels – KnitPurlHunter (video on youtube)

Kitchener Stitch – detailed instructions with pictures on knitty site EXCELLENT (note the finger in between needles YES)

Kitchener Stitch   video  and another Kitchener Stitch from techknitter (excellent!…with color and graphic pictures)


 Wrap & Turn – from JimmyBeans site – great pictures

Joining Yarn Ends – tutorial

 The Thumb Trick – tutorial on wonderful mitts thumb waste yarn

Picot Cast-on – tutorial video of this picot edge cast on

Hemmed Picot Edge – video from KnitPurlHunter – the best I’ve seen

Emily Ocker’s Cast On magical cast on from center circle pull center string to tighten the hole

Judy’s Magic Cast-on ( toe up socks)

Fun with Judy’s Magic Cast-on – new tutorial for starting small circles for hats, etc

Turkish Cast-on (toe up socks)

Provisional Cast-on – Knitty site

Yarn-over short-row toe-up toe – on Sundara’s site

Short Row Magic – Knit Picks site

Wrapping a Stitch – step by step

Right Twist & Left Twist – video on Berroco site

Heel Options for Socks – many types – summary from WoolWorks site

 How to Knit Socks

Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks – Genius woman shows new short row method…wonderful !!! youtube tutorial

Cat Bordhi’s demos – YouTube videos of knitting techniques

 Darn a Sock Hole – step by step tutorial to darn a sock hole – Great One!

Holey Heels – fix a hole in sock heel

Duplicate Stitch – tutorial from purlbee blog

Folded Picot Edge Tutorial – from Purlwise

Tubular Cast On – tutorial and video at end

Color work (Fair Isle) Tutorial – KnitPicks free tutorial (pdf form)

 Bobbles – (I hate bobbles coz I can’t do them!…) Let’s try this one…

M1 and M1 purlwise tutorial – (Make one)

Cabling without a cable needle – left and right tutorial

Edge Stitch – nice flat finished looking edges…

 Chain Selvedge – nice finished edges for scarves, etc..

Knitting Backwards – put it in reverse on the knitty site – reverse knitting for purl haters

How to work a dpn sock gusset on magic loop – pdf link

Converting 4 and 5 needle dpn sock patterns to magic loop – pdf

Two circular method

Knitting small things on two circulars – (cuffs, socks, etc.)

Random Stripe Generator – use this for stripes in a pattern

 Mattress Stitch – joining things together on Knitty site

Key Chain Crochet Hook – tutorial on how to make one

Applied I Cord – tutorial on how to edge with I cord

Knitting with Beads – tutorial on how to add beads to knitting

Weaving Ends – how to weave in ends while knitting tutorial

Weaving in Ends – using duplicate stitch in various ways, on the purlbee website

Gaugeless ToeUp Socks – Stasia’s blog site tutorial

Sockamaniac – blog site with many links to patterns and tutorials

How to make slippers NonSlip – tutorial by Nicole for no skid slippers

Tribbles Tutorial – round scrubber tutorial by Kathy

Sock Sizes and Measurements – Fiber Gypsy blog site

JG Generic form for toe up socks – links to chart to fill in

Garterlac Dishcloth Tutorial –  tutorial for the placement of the garterlac squares is available here.

Cotton Yarn comparison – which one and why

Sock Blockers – free tutorial how to make with hangers

Sock Blockers – free tutorial how to make your own sock blockers (Summer of Socks weekly link winner)

Make your own Knit Bangle Bracelets – free demo on blog site

How to read cable charts – from Berroco site…lots of other videos there also.

How to increase stitch evenly across a row   by KnittingFiend) add your numbers to a calculator

Short Row Heels – for socks from Knitting Fiend site